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Inside my studio/workshop.

I paint, print and create original contemporary works of art.

I am a Queensland, Australian artist who paints mostly abstracts. I create a dialogue between colour, shape and material. My paintings demonstrate my interest in mark making, textures and design. 

My work is inspired by nature, travel and places I have lived and consists of many layers, which reflect the layers of my life. 

My current painting style is primarily encaustic - from the Greek word enkaustikos, meaning 'to burn in'. My artworks are composed of multiple layers, including original drawings, photos, handmade papers, photographs and ephemera.


Noosa Open Studios

You are welcome to visit my workshop during the Noosa Open Studio week in August. I will be demonstrating numerous techniques, including encaustic wax, cold wax painting; printmaking and monoprinting on a hot box using coloured wax and oil sticks. 18/19/20 August. Open Studio will be followed by two workshops: one in cold wax and the other in encaustic mixed media.. I look forward to greeting many visitors to my studio. 


Fabulous workshop, best I've ever done. Learnt so much & had fun at the same time. Merridy Hope King

Holy shiznicks, I've just been christened into the world of encaustic by Cheryl McGannon in one of her 2 day workshops. She is a master of the medium and had me at the words "blow torch and melted beeswax"!!! I've a long way to go to emperiment with this technique anbd how to incorporate it into my work, but am so grateful to have been introduced to it. Cheryl teaches workshops at her oasis of a studio in Doonan and is a highly sought after Qld artist. She is a flaminb legend!!!! Book yourself in!  Amica Whincop Art.

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Today I paint with wax, oils and dry pigments. My work is classified as contemporary art.

Printmaking - Intaglio

Intaglio Printmaking refers to a printing method in which the printing elements are all below the plate surface, having been cut, scratched, engraved, or etched into the plate to form ink-retaining grooves.

I offer Introductory and Intermediate Courses in different forms of Intaglio Printmaking including Etching & Photopolymer.

2 day course – 9.20am – 4.30pm

Etching as a process was developed as a quicker, looser, less labour intensive alternative to engraving.  An image could be drawn through a wax ground, and the corrosive action of acid used to etch the lines into the metal plates.

My Introduction to Etching course allows participants to work on their own zinc/copper/aluminium plates, experiment first with hard ground and soft ground, then adding tone using aquatint techniques.

Participants will print examples of each of these processes and leave with these prints and their plates.  

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From the Seychelles Series

'Transition I'

Encaustic hot wax mixed media on board

25 x 25cm (framed)

From the Breaking Through Series


Cold wax mixed media on paper

25 x 25cm (framed) 

'Into the Abyss'

Oil, cold wax mixed media on paper

30 x 30cm (framed) FOR SALE

'Crossing Boundaries'

Cold wax, mixed media on oil canvas

50 x 50 framed